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Principal's Message

August 2019 Message


Dear Monte Vista Families and Community 


        It is with ample anticipation and enthusiastic excitement that I open the blue jay nest for the 2019-2020 school year! Monterey Peninsula Unified School District’s theme this year is “Expect Great Things”. This year our district and our school site are solidifying and building key structures for heightened student support and engagement with academic, social-emotional, and civic learning. Recently, I thought about my journey of experiences that have brought me here in my career and life at this time. With great gratitude, I realized that it wasn’t just one solitary silver bullet in my educational experiences that helped me attain success. In fact, it was a wide net of supports and interventions along the way that cumulatively helped me progress into someone that was much more than I ever imagined I could become. A net of structures, educational and community stakeholders, and efforts that nurtured the whole ME—my character, my cognitive development (visual, spatial, logic, mathematical, musical, artistic, verbal/linguistic), my health and wellness, my civic and community engagement, and, as a whole, my purpose in life. Our district is making an unprecedented effort to make this a reality for our blue jays through what we call a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS), which includes all of the items in the graphic below, including high quality and differentiated response to intervention instruction (RtI) and a universal design of learning (UDL) that helps all students succeed no matter how they learn. This addresses the whole child and the whole community!




         To summarize, at Monte Vista, we are building a system of multi-tiered supports and interventions that fosters high quality instruction and a tight knit community of caring and respect. Our system strives to address students’ academic and social emotional needs and interests. As a result, students can envision and strive for their greatest sense of self and joy in learning and living, making transformational changes in our community within and abroad!

      Here’s to an amazing school year that will elevate our school vision and help us all to expect great things as we soar!

   Jay jay, chirp chirp!

    - With Great Gratitude, Dr. Joe Ashby