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November 2023 Message                                                



Parent Conferences are the week of November 13th-17th. This is another special opportunity to build a stronger team relationship to support and help identify your blue jays’ assets as well as some explicit next steps for progress and growth. We wish to have 100% attendance by parents. School dismissal all that week will be at 12:50PM. We will have the option of in-person or virtual (online) conferences and an evening conference session on Tuesday, November 14th (same timeframe as PTO general meeting and movie night on campus too). Please signup via Parent Square and reach out if you have any questions or needs. Report cards and some other important data will be shared as well in these conferences, but a bulk of it will be around progress and goals for your child.


Below is a slide deck around data and assessment that might be helpful for you before going into the Parent Conference session. It was from a Parent Night in November 2022, which includes on Slide 1 a live recording of the presentation.


Also, on a sidenote, the March Parent Conferences will be student-led; however, students may attend November conferences, but they will not be expected to lead them like the March ones.



With utmost gratitude,

Joe Ashby, Principal and Lindsay Larson, Assistant Principal