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September 2021 Message


  A New "POP" is Born

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When I say "A POP IS BORN”, I really mean it! For our new parents, “POP” stands for Problem of Practice. It is a question that our staff develops through the use of classroom observations and perceived staff and student strengths and needs. It also aligns with our continued developing school vision, mission, and model. The Problem of Practice fuels & drives our frequent instructional rounds in one another’s rooms and our professional development work & coaching.


We are proud to unveil to all of our parent community the following Problem of Practice or POP question for this 21-22 school year (which can evolve):


What are different academic and social-emotional teaching strategies, structures, and routines that support and promote students to transition from dependent to independent learners? What are the attributes of an independent learner, and how are we fostering these in our classroom instruction?


The following are areas for staff/student support and criteria for success with our POP, and we welcome you to join us in this adventure at the home front:


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                                    With Great Gratitude and love, Dr. Joe Ashby