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Principal's Message

October 2019 Message

A Problem of Practice Is Born

Dear Monte Vista Families and Community,

   Below you will see two pictures from an exciting routine that took place at our school site earlier in the month. Our Instructional Leadership team (Lindsay Larson, Paul Orihuela, Joanna Medina, and Celia Feldman) engaged in instructional rounds in all of our classrooms and went through a day-long protocol that through an inductive reasoning process (observation to patterns and themes) developed the following Problem of Practice: How can we create and foster a classroom community that supports high behavioral and academic expectations, student investment of learning, and performance progress with rigorous objectives and related tasks? Our entire teaching staff reviewed the problem of practice and provided specific examples of what each category in the problem of practice looks like in the classrooms to further inform our “strategy of action” for the work. Our teachers will get to experience peer instructional rounds with this problem of practice and our school site professional development meetings, coaching, routine instructional rounds, and grade level team work will also work through this problem (or focus) of practice in unique and targeted ways.

   In reference to the recent nationally-released Pivot Learning Growth Culture Report (sent to parents via Parent Square), our school continues to strive for improvement in the areas of Home, Edge, and Groove. We continue to fortify a community that can build and sustain practices, which strengthen teachers’ and students’ learning capacities to maximize student growth in academic and social emotional areas. #bluejaysgrow4ever!

    - With Great Gratitude, Dr. Joe Ashby (jay jay, chirp chirp)


instructional leadership team membersPost-it note data from instructional rounds