Principal's Message

August 2020 Message


Monte Vista, Blue Jay True and Through!

                                                                                               Blue Jay Mask

               As many of you have already read in my Welcome Back Parent Square message and video last week, we are navigating new times togethers as a Monte Vista Blue Jay Family. I want to assure everyone that we are empathetic and ready to support every blue jay family on campus with their schedules and circumstances. The synchronous and asynchronous Distance Learning 2.0 model ahead of us is meant to provide as consistent structures of instruction and community building as possible in order to center our work in effective quality instruction, progress with essential Common Core standards, feedback, social-emotional growth, and equity. The following information below is our district’s three-phase opening plan that will help bring more clarity to our return. The next step of clarity from this point on will be coming from our school site and individual teachers on what this rollout will look like for the age appropriateness and needs of the grade level. Your feedback will help too!


Realize | July 31 - August 7 - Teachers and staff will become familiar with health, safety, and learning protocols and understand the implications for planning for consistent and equity focused reopening of our MPUSD Classrooms in a Distance Learning environment. 


Reimagine | August 10-14 - Teachers and staff will engage in structured planning and collaboration to ensure that all virtual lessons will provide students with access to rigorous tasks and grade level work. Teachers will engage synchronously with students for a small portion of each day to begin community building and home/school connections.


Reunite | August 17-28 - All students will return to school virtually in a synchronous distance learning environment receiving specific instruction in new routines, expectations settings, virtual community circles and deep social emotional learning experiences. Teachers will administer universal screeners to collect and analyze data. Significant prioritization will be given to resocializing in a virtual classroom, teaching appropriate behavior and participation expectations, and building relationships in the first few weeks of school. (Cohesively-tied asynchronous opportunities will still be provided.)


    I repeat from some sentiments from my past message: As a beacon for all of you, Monte Vista will still shine for every community member and be a place of direction and hope during these uncertain times. Much of what makes us great and will make us greater is not forgotten and will continue to evolve and become stronger! Remember our MPUSD values such as every person matters, each day counts, learning something new every day, improve with a purpose, and we’re better together!  Please don’t hesitate to reach out about any needs you have!     ---- With Great Gratitude, Dr. Joe Ashby