Principal's Message


September 2020 Message



Running record 




Major Launching Point Opportunity

                                          for our Young Blue Jay Readers:)


This week, we have an essentially opportune and authentic moment to empower our students as we engage them in Running Records! For many of our students, they have not had the opportunity to read a real book live with their teacher after several months of quarantine and distance learning. How can we help them become empowered as blossoming readers using the data from these running records? These running records historically help our students in real time and with real love and confidence-building as we facilitate them and use the data collection to help parents clearly understand where each of our blue jays are as a reader at this time. Our blue jays and their families get to know what their instructional and independent level is and how they can use that knowledge to leverage the kinds of books they read in class and at home independently.


It is our mission to help make this Fountas and Pinnell diagnostic experience (alongside any supporting iReady and classroom observation and assessment data) a launching moment where we help our blue jays understand they are ALL readers, and that they (and their families) can see their identified level as a starting point of a great journey to progress their class and nightly reading to higher levels of reading proficiency with enjoyment of choice and self-awareness. If we can use this diagnostic data as an opportunity to reawaken our blue jay students' senses to the love and power of literacy, then we have made this particular routine assessment an intentional student-centered assessment that can foster student-driven learning and goal setting in literacy moving forward across their lifetime!


 ---- With Great Gratitude, Dr. Joe Ashby


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