Principal's Message



May 2022 Message

This month of May brings us many things to remember and celebrate—not to forget our last full month of school! One such thing we celebrate in the U.S. is Mother’s Day. The mothers of Monte Vista are diverse and amazing, representing a variety of roles, backgrounds, and supports for our blue jay scholars. Even teacher appreciation week reminded us of how even our teachers can support families to nurture or “mother” our students to become something greater, something that can soar for an inspirational life journey. I thought it timely to share with all of you a beautiful Chinese poem (in light of April’s National Poetry month and May’s Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month), written by a mother to her child. This poem also represents our April character trait of Perseverance and our May character trait of Courage. I hope we can all appreciate, seize, and radiate the love and sacrifices we see each day on the joyful faces and accomplishments of our blue jays because of the “mothers” in their lives. Jay jay, chirp chirp!

chinese poem

Two arms encircling you

Soft as cotton

Under winds and tempests

This harbor does not close

The world consists only of you

The entanglement

Is the sweetness you search miles for

Who knows how many twilights

Can close your eyes

Who knows how many centuries

Light whiff of my story

Amidst the silent waves

Listen closely to my breathing

Heaving up, heaving down


With highest regards, Dr. Joe Ashby