Principal's Message

May 2020 Message


                                                        Monte Vista Self-Care Central

   This month our students, staff, and parents have demonstrated in so many ways our embracing of the five district themes of distance learning: 1) care is more important than content, 2) simplicity is paramount, 3) practice flexibility, 4) support one another, and 5) embrace learning through failure. I have experienced and heard from many some beautiful, vulnerable, & enduring moments of these themes playing out as we all take brave, persevering steps into newer responsibilities and skill set that we may have not had to step into at this depth and at this frequency in the past.

    As a result, all of us in some way are running on empty tanks of gas at times, especially if we don’t take opportunities to refill those gas tanks. Our staff and students have made some efforts to build in moments in our google classroom and in our personal lives where we can address self-care. This message is for all of you heroic, brave, and supportive parents who need to remember that you also need Self-Care now more than ever. See chart below and reflect upon what areas are you honoring and what areas are being neglected? What areas does your family or blue jay child need more opportunity to refill to further fill their bucket at this time? Our Monte Vista staff is always here for the blue jay families. Help us know how we can support you in any of these areas. You owe it to yourself to lean into your self-care—we need you to stay supported and uplifted in this flock’s journey & flight as well! We’re in this together!

---With Love and Highest Regards, Dr. Joe Ashby

Self care image