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Mosaic School Model

Since 2019, our school site has undergone an ongoing multi-stakeholder process for revising our school model. Parents, staff, students, and school site council along with district leader input, have helped us recognize and build upon the many components that made Monte Vista what it is while also inspiring us to expand, enrich, and aspire to even greater heights. The result of these efforts has been captured with an original title of "The Mosaic Model".
We call the model the “Mosaic Model” to represent our diverse community (like patchwork or like the mosaic of the blue jay that stands at the front of our school) as well as the unique fusion of STEAM and Whole Child models with Student Inquiry-Based Learning and Real World Connections at the heart of it.
Even though the Mosaic Model handout below is still being finalized, it best represents our next chapter of our blue jay family and nest. Notice how each of the four pillars have 7-8 Actions and Strategies that entail most of the magic and journey our blue jay families will get to have at Monte Vista in the upcoming years.
Some final touches, including revised school vision, school mission, and future revised school title, "byline" and logo are in the works and will be feathered out with stakeholder feedback this school year. Jay jay, chirp chirp!