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School Site Council and Other Leadership Opportunities

We are working hard to build in ways where parents and students can have a voice and be leaders on campus in various ways.
Since 2015, we have established a School Site Council (recently changed to School Vision Council), which is a team of about 8 parents and 6-7 staff members who will review ongoing data, budget allocations, school programs and strategies, and help build our vision and school model. Such reports as the Single Plan for Student Achievement (aligned goals and budget), Comprehensive Safety Plan, and the School Accountability Report Card are reviewed and revised accordingly. We meet once a month after school. Much of the progress of the council is shared with the general Monte Vista population as well as the staff members. during the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 school years, the school Site council has played an additional role in helping our staff to develop a stronger and more ambitious visionary school model that will carry us into the 2020 decade and beyond!
Our grades 3-5 student council helps garner student voice and ideas around programs and events as well as provide feedback and solutions to improve school culture. Usually 4 students represent each grade level and meet once or twice a month. We also have another leadership opportunity for 4th and 5th graders called Anchored for Life team members. They meet monthly to discuss with the consulting faculty memer and school counselor students who are moving or new to the school (providing either welcome or farewell support and accompanying kit) as well as experiencing life challenges and could use some additional support.
Our Soul Patrol is a group of 4th and 5th grade students who are trained to assist and support healthier and harmonious playground culture. Each member works one lunch recess shift a week in small supportive groups and under the guidance and leadership of our supervisory adult staff members.
Our PTO also has a board of governing members that meet once a month as well as holding general meetings once a quarter. In addition, PTO committees are different groups of parents who meet about and plan different events for building school culture and programs with the PTO board. Finally, our PTO Room parents are constantly communicating with PTO, parents, and teachers about events and class needs. It is inspiring to see all these stakeholders at play!
**Below, feel free to view the 2019-2020 progress our staff and School Vision Council made in building a stronger future school model.